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East meets West




Zamir & Julian

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They say, “The definition of Luck is Preparation meets Opportunity” well, Zamir Gotta & Julian Starks have both been preparing for over 20 years for this moment in History. Their separate Journeys throughout the World of travel,

have prepared them to join forces and take the World by Storm!


Their dream, thus mission is to travel around the world to film and photograph the world’s Peoples, Beauties, Arts, Foods and Drinks! As they explore, discover and photograph these people and destinations of these rich, hidden treasures of the world, theirvision, unique voice and energy will unveil the world’s beauties for all to imagine, dream and acquire.

Our mission is to “DISCOVER THE WORLD”, and then share it!!! 




"Zamir" Gotta is a Russian producer and broadcaster. The 60-year-old Russian is something of a folk hero to fans of Bourdain's television shows, CNN's Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, Travel Channel's No Reservations and Food Network's A Cook's Tour. Gotta has acted as Bourdain’s top fixer and guideand has appeared in 10 episodes in total. The settings have included St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Buffalo. (Yes, Buffalo.)

Gotta received his education from the Moscow State Pedagogical University(majoring in English). He worked as an instructor for military interpreters until the 1990s. During the Ukraine show, first aired in August 2011, Gotta revealed that his heritage is a mix of Turkic (Tatar) and Jewish from the Crimea.

Gotta started as a freelance film producer, working on American film productions in Russia. Since 2006 he has been a consultant at the Trident Media Group in New York City. He was associate producer for the episode of the American documentary television series Cities of the Underworld titled "Stalin's Secret Lair," which first aired on the History Channel in 2008. 

Zamir's Company; Gotta Media produced two short documentaries; "Touch-Line" is a 2009 film about young Russians and Chechens wounded in the war in Chechnya, who formed a team of physically challenged athletes who became world champions and Gotta's 2011 film, "The Stage Awaits" is another story of physically challenged people who manage to rise above obstacles. The film crew followed a Moscow-based theater company made up entirely of actors with Down syndrome.


He was also an associate producer for the Nova TV series documentary titled "Astrospies" Gotta, it seems, makes his living touring the world and drinking vodka with people, while searching for business deals in the process. Please checkout all of Zamir’s World at

"I'm an entertainer on a mission"

Zamir Gotta



Julian Starks formed Hollywood Filmmakers Inc., a film production company. His first feature documentary film, “A JOURNEY TO SUNDANCE”, a 13-year torturous-making film, has just been release. It intertwines the story of Robert Redford and his fabled Sundance Film Festival. 

It also documents the story of the struggles a filmmaker (Julian) endures to create an independent film and finally, the triumph of presenting it to the public. Julian executive produced, produced, directed, musically scored and co-edited this film.

In 2012, while filming “A Journey to Sundance”, Julian fell in love with the still photo and decided to enroll full-time at the BROOKS INSTITUTE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY in Ventura, CA. 

Julian founded VISIONS OF THE WORLD Inc., a 501(C)(3) nonprofit company devoted to raising public awareness and to assisting the entities that try to make life for the Endangered Wild Animals as safe and comfortable as possible.  His first project is “LIFE Behind Bars” Vol.1, a Fine Art Photography book was released in 2020. 

Julian created Visions of the World Inc., to help support wild animal sanctuaries and institutions like those featured in this book.


A percentage of all proceeds from the book; photos and all other ancillary products will go to the sanctuaries and institutions featured within these pages.


Next project: “LIFE Behind Bars…Except if You’re Free” Vol. 2

Visions of the World Inc. respectfully announces our project “LIFE Behind Bars…Except if You’re Free” Vol. 2 which will focus on the conservation efforts of the Gorillas and Big African Cats in their natural habitat – Africa!

We are dedicating this second book in this series of books to DIAN FOSSEY, whose work regarding the conservation of the Mountain Gorilla’s has been an inspiration for our project. Please checkout all of Julian’s World at

Practice, Patience, Intensity equals Greatness!!!

Sanford Meisner - 1990

Zamir and Julian’s pitch is to travel to beautiful historical locations as on-camera hosts, director and photographer. The audience would experience these beautiful destinations as Zamir and Julian explore, film, photograph, discover and interview the people of these rich, hidden treasures of the world. Finally, we will live and eat as they do and bring that to the viewers of this show.

For more info and/or involvement on this Show please contact us at

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